Roar CETP Activity Assay Kit

Measures cholesteryl ester transfer protein activity for high-throughput screening and basic research, in a variety of CETP sources

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Cat. # RB-CETP
Unit 100 assays
Description Homogeneous, fluorometric assay kit useful for measuring cholesteryl ester transfer protein (CETP) activity in human plasma and other species that express CETP. Applications for the assay include evaluating non-reversible inhibitors and high-throughput screening for CETP inhibitors. The assay is not affected by changes in HDL concentration or other endogenous lipoproteins. The Roar CETP Activity Assay Kit includes proprietary substrates that detect CETP-mediated transfer of neutral lipid resulting in an increase in fluorescence intensity. Data is expressed in pmoles of substrate transferred by following our standardization protocol. In addition to plasma, the assay works well with recombinant CETP, serum or purified protein as the CETP source.
Patent No. This product is the subject of U.S. Pat. Nos. 5,585,235; 5,618,683; 5,770,355 owned by Roar Biomedical, Inc.